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As recommended by Caravan World, Caravan & Motor Home Magazine, West Australian Newspapers, Have a Go News, Explore Oz, ARB, CAMEC & leading caravan dealers.

2007 DVD cover

After developing Australia's first "Caravan Confidence Convoys" for novice caravanners, we've now produced a comprehensive new DVD on caravan training!

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First Group

"Caravanning with Confidence" condenses everything you'd normally learn on our training course - along with lots of other valuable information - into an informative and entertaining, professionally produced audio-visual production.

Why did we make a DVD about caravan training? Because we are receiving heaps of inquiries from people who live in regional areas of WA or interstate who are unable to attend our Perth-based courses. A DVD brings the training to YOU instead of the other way round! Now you can learn how to tow and reverse a caravan in your own living room, or watch the program in your vehicle while you practice! How good is that?

May Convoy

Subjects covered include the type of van and vehicle to choose, towing equipment, towing capacity, reversing, parking, safety and towing tips, off-road caravanning, communications, dealing with emergencies and planning and budgeting for a caravan trip. There are also several excellent checklists available for a nominal fee.

Some people think you can just buy a van, hook it onto your vehicle and away you go. But if you're reading this page, you know it's not that simple. There is a lot of skill involved in towing a van and reversing and parking can be an absolute nightmare for novices. Jeremy & I have seen caravan holidays ruined by accidents caused by unskilled drivers and spoiled by domestic disputes over caravan techniques. We hope this new DVD will help reduce accidents, give caravanners more skill and confidence, and may even save a few marriages along the way!


Our DVD has been produced by award-winning film production company Storyteller Media Group and is sponsored by Murdoch University & ARB 4x4 Accessories.

"Caravanning with Confidence" costs just $24.95 including GST (plus $5 postage & handling).

Order your copy today (ORDER FORM) or by phoning us on (08) 9341 6727 or by emailing us

Lady Measuring

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