Global Gypsies. Explore the world - independent, but not alone! Global Gypsies. Explore the world - independent, but not alone!

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Solo travellers love Global Gypsies tours. Here's why:

  • There is NO single supplement.
  • We always travel in a small happy group, a real band of roving gypsies!
  • If you want personalised and professional attention, we'll look after you well. We are proud to say that many of our clients have since become good friends.
  • A Global Gypsies tour is an educational experience as well as a holiday - we'll provide an endless supply of information about the wonderful places we visit.
  • We choose exciting, interesting, off-the-wall destinations - places you shouldn't visit on your own, but can confidently go to with people you know and trust.
  • We always hold a Pre-Departure Workshop and provide a Pre-Departure Kit so you're well prepared for your adventure before you leave home. If you can't attend the workshop, we'll post your Kit to you then phone you to go through it and answer any questions you may have.
  • On a Global Gypsies tour, you'll be independent but not alone.
  • We guarantee you'll have a wonderful time! Ask for a referral from our many other satisfied solo travellers!


In addition to our tours, we also offer excellent training programs in 4WD'ing and caravanning .

Many of the clients who sign up for our training programs are ladies travelling solo. Women who are courageous and gutsy and (like the song says!) are "sisters doing it for themselves". They know the value of being able to operate a 4WD vehicle in a tricky situation, hitch up a caravan, reverse it and handle it competently. But sometimes these tasks sound too daunting to learn, and just too darn 'macho'.

Global Gypsies Director, Jeremy Perks, is an experienced and patient trainer. He has also been well trained in the ancient art of "Girlspeak" by his partner, Jan Barrie. So if you've always wanted to learn how to 4WD or be confident with a caravan, here's the perfect opportunity - and the perfect teacher.

On all our tag-along-tours we provide 4WD tuition as part of the package. And on our Caravan Confidence Convoys we teach you everything you need to know about caravanning giving you the confidence to take that "Big Trip".

So whether you're joining a Global Gypsies tour for fun or for training - we say GO GIRL!!.

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