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What The Clients Say

"We would like to say THANK YOU to Jeremy and the team at Global Gypsies. The 4WD training yesterday was excellent! Jeremy is a very welcoming facilitator with a huge wealth of knowledge. We learned a lot about sand conditions and tyre pressure, tyre pressure, tyre pressure being so important to sand driving! We look forward to getting out there and putting into practice what we learned. Once again, thank you all."

Perth, WA
April 2021

"Thank you Global Gypsies for a fantastic towing training session! We learnt so much, many things which we would not have even thought about, and feel ready to head off now ... confidently. We have suggested to our son and daughter in law to do the course too. They are enthusiastic campers and want to take our camper trailer away. We've told them the course must come before any borrowing!"

F&J Gilby
February 2021

"We had a wonderful holiday during the Rock 'n' Quoll Tour! Locations were well selected with many interesting items covered & all at a relaxed pace.
Thanks to your professionalism and your good connections everywhere it all went so smoothly.

Everyone will always enjoy your great trips and we are so lucky living in an immense space where so much is possible.

Thank you Global Gypsies team & see you again soon!

Best regards"

Ariane and Jon
Dalkeith, WA

"I just completed a towing training course & wanted to thank Ken & Global Gypsies for providing such a fantastic service.

I feel so much more confident driving with my trailer now & Ken is a brilliant instructor.

Thanks & kind regards"

S. Jarvis
Jim's Dog Wash
Forrestfield, WA

"The Global Gypsies towing training course was very good. We would like to thank the trainer Bryan who was excellent and it was a pleasure to be with him for the four hours. We feel a lot more confident after completing the course!"

G&P Hallam
Cardup, WA

"We would like to say thanks again to the Global Gypsies crew for organising and running another great adventure - this time your Science Safari to Dirk Hartog Island. Working with the scientists was a great experience, Jeremy looked after us well, Jo certainly made sure we were never left hungry and Bryan sorted out power charges for our devices amongst other things. We also enjoyed the camaraderie of our fellow gypsies. All in all an experience we will never forget and we continue to rave about it to family and friends. All those with similar thinking to us are extremely jealous!"

B&R White
Hamersley, WA
November 2019

"Jeremy's knowledge of fauna & flora was exceptional & his reading of the history of the wells was fantastic. I learned so much about the Canning Stock Route & the history of WA on this adventure - it was an absolutely amazing experience!"

Chris Brandsch
Connolly, WA
August 2019

"On each tour I have done with Global Gypsies I have gained so much knowledge about four-wheel-driving, camping & the Australian Outback. Jeremy is the kindest, most knowledgeable, helpful, humble, experienced man & tour guide I have ever had the privilege of meeting. His knowledge is invaluable & I will always remember our times together. I very much look forward to the next trip!"

Kirsten Harris
Clarkson, WA
August 2019

"We completed our towing course with the very patient Ken and we are now a lot more comfortable with the handling of our new caravan. We were even able to reverse the van from the road into the warehouse for the first time ever!! Just wanted to say a big thank you & that we can't wait for our travels!"

L & D Oteri
Bibra Lake, WA
July 2019

"Had our training course today and would like to say what a pleasurable experience it was! Jeremy couldn't have been more affable and engaging and the efficiency and friendliness of the office staff exemplary. The information passed on will help us a great deal in our future travels & the information folder will be going in the van for future reference. Many thanks to you all"

B & F Constable
Madeley, WA
May 2019

"We just want to say what a wonderful time we had last week with the towing training course. Your instructor was very courteous and patient which made the day very enjoyable; and, of course, we came away with more knowledge and confidence in our towing. Thank you all for providing a wonderful training course!"

Heather and Ray
Collie, WA
April 2018

"We had an amazing towing training session with Jeremy! Thank you so much! We are very happy!"

D & S Mainwaring
Fremantle, WA
June 2018

"Thank you. We enjoyed the towing training - Jeremy is an excellent instructor and we would certainly recommend you to others!"

E. Findlay
Victoria Park, WA
June 2018

"The Holland Track Expedition exceeded my expectations in many ways - varied 4WD conditions & tracks, diversity of the track, flora, trees, bush & more. I was made to feel very welcome & Jeremy's ability to take all guests' wishes into consideration was admirable. Overall a fantastic experience with great company. Thank you!"

Ken Hall
Victoria Park, WA
November 2017

"Thank you for a wonderful experience on the Kennedy Range Expedition! Jeremy dealt with all situations with calmness & expertise - a consummate professional! Also a big thank you to Jo Clews for her delicious catering, sense of humour & insight into botanical features."

Helen & Evan Parker
Melville, WA
June 2017

"Fantastic day today on our 4WD course! Trainer was brilliant. We learnt heaps and really enjoyed it.

Thanks very much."

Richard Muirhead
Cottesloe, WA
June 2017

"Dear Global Gypsies,

Thanks for the fantastic and very interesting towing course we completed today with Jeremy.

Only been towing for two years and I thought I knew quite a lot about it all, well I was wrong! Jeremy took his time and was patient answering questions he must have heard a hundred times. Lots of info to go through and we will be practising with our parking and reversing until the faith and trust in the person giving the directing grows. For a guy it's not always easy to trust the good lady when she gives directions but as Jeremy says that's just a "bloke thing" so get over it!

Thanks very much and we will be recommending your course to our Caravan friends.

Thanks again!"

Tony and Rose Clarke
Sorrento, WA
May 2017

"We took a towing training course yesterday & learned so much! We also now have much more confidence! We're so grateful for all the lessons and tips that Jeremy gave and for the workbook - so helpful! I'm so glad there are people like you out there to help us newbies go through the first and scary phase of owning a caravan. Thanks heaps from both Danny and myself!"

Gemma Van Vliet
April 2017

"What a fantastic tour of India! Your itinerary was so well put together; the organization of the tour was amazing; the quality & range of hotels was extremely high & the food was incredible. We were impressed by your thoughtful touches, your friendly approach & sense of humour; loved the 'little surprises' that were thrown in from time to time & loved being immersed in the culture.

You made it so easy & enjoyable & we would highly recommend you to anyone considering a trip to India. What an incredible holiday - we loved it! Thank you both so very much for creating such incredible memories for us. Now we can see why our friends, who have completed multiple trips with you, rave about your tours. Can't wait for our next Global Gypsies adventure!"

Ric & Heather Butcher
Trigg, WA
March 2017

"We just returned home from the Holland Track Expedition & wanted to thank you again for a wonderful experience - it was a real treat. We now understand why we deflate tyres, how they work in 4WD, how to drive through the tough parts, how to recognise a quartz line, which trees are gimlets, how to test an emu scat for freshness and how to use a CB radio! It was a great group and Jeremy, you inspired great confidence in us to know that if anything went wrong, you could fix it. You ALL did a FANTASTIC job, whether it was in the office, pre-trip or "on the wallaby". We'll definitely be looking forward to heading out with the Gypsy convoy in the future!"

Terry & Pauline O'Hara
Fremantle, WA
November 2016

"We've just returned from the Holland Track Expedition & would highly recommend Global Gypsies Tours. They are very well organised, helpful & caring. They run a great ship & the experience was really rewarding. Go Global Gypsies!"

B & A Brocklehurst
Upper Swan, WA
May 2016

"We had a most enjoyable and informative towing training session. Our instructor took the fear and stress out of towing and reversing & made everything so simple & practical. We cannot thank you enough & look forward to joining you guys on your tag-along-tours in the near future."

Christina & Patrick
Aubin Grove, WA
March 2016

"Thanks Jan & Jeremy for a really pleasant Dogalong weekend - it was even better than what we had expected! We really enjoyed meting up with like-minded fellow campers & your itinerary was spot on keeping us interested without going at a mad pace. Happy hour & camp dinners were a great end to the day for getting us all around talking & laughing about our travels & life experiences."

Bruce & Renee White & "Billy"
Hamersley, WA
November 2015

"Our towing training course with Global Gypsies today was terrific. Our instructor, Eddy, was so knowledgeable and very clearly imparted all the info in the package.

We really enjoyed the training and it gave us some confidence with reversing and we have lots more knowledge now.

So glad we did the course! Would highly recommend it to others!

Thanks again!"

Liz and Baz Lehman
Mandurah, WA
July 2015

"We've just returned from the RAC/Global Gypsies Holland Track Expedition. Never in my wildest dreams did I ever think I could have the experience that I had. It was AMAZING! A big challenge for me. Very glad we did it!"

Margaret & Max Thomas
Quinns Rock, WA
May 2015

"May I express our appreciation and thanks for the Canning Stock Route tour, it was most interesting, informative and your guidance was great. Like everyone who participated in the tour, it will leave a lasting impression and memories. It is difficult to imagine and to readily accept that Canning undertook a survey of the proposed route back in 1906 to 1907 and returned in 1908 to 1910 with a team to install the 51 wells, no real transport (other than for camels) or communication and the harsh conditions encountered. Thanks again, very much appreciated and the tour was very well organised!"

Allan & Cam
Duncraig, WA
July 2014

"The towing training course today was brilliant and we both learned so much. Jeremy is the best teacher, very supportive and patient, and very knowledgeable about all things caravan. My confidence has grown dramatically and I'm looking forward to our trip across the Nullabor. As Jeremy knows I was very nervous about towing the van! I am so delighted that I found your great company. I would be happy to recommend Global Gypsies to all caravanners.
Thanks so much!"

Sue Worth
Redcliffe, WA
December 2, 2013

"Thank you for our caravan towing course. The instructions you gave us were excellent and we now feel very confident to take our caravan out on to the road. The course and the way you presented it were well worth the money and I would advise any new caravanners to invest in this course. Of special note was your "non verbal communication" technique in reversing and we are now able to park our caravan in a very limited space with no problems. As this has been so successful, I am now looking at new ways to communicate with my wife using sign language only to get the results we want! :-)"

C. Pearson
Perth, WA
August 2013

"I recently enjoyed a 17 day tag along tour (as a passenger-but more like family, really!) in the Global Gypsies Tour Leader's vehicle to the Kimberley Region We visited many famous gorges, rivers, waterfalls,(including Mitchell Falls) Bungle Bungles, Lake Argyle & many attractions along the Gibb River Road, etc. I cannot speak highly enough about the whole experience with Global Gypsies from start to finish & the level of experience & knowledge of this beautiful area & culture shown by Jeremy, our Tour Guide, who knew exactly which places (& at what times) to take us on our camping journey. Global Gypsies were most definitely great value for money & most enjoyable to spend time with on the tour with many laughs along the way. I did not want my time with them to end! I will definitely be considering another journey with the Global Gypsies!"

Merrilyn Cheese Kennett Tattersall
Portland, Victoria
July 2013

"We had such a fantastic time with a great group of fellow travellers on your Kimberley Explorer Tour. Sharing our experiences together each evening makes a trip very special and Jeremy is just the best tour leader!"

Pam & Dave Barnett
Gidgegannup, WA
July 2013

"Hans and I wanted to thank you so much for your invaluable help. We learnt lots with you and know it will be useful for us when we finally begin to travel. It took a while but we did get the caravan into the area in front in front of our house and lovely and straight - and we did it without bashing into the house! Once again many thanks."

Hans and Robyn Speijers
Perth, WA
February 2013

"Thank you for our private towing session. It was very educational with a professional 'down to earth' bloke. We both gained a great deal from you, Jeremy, & came away smiling and confident for the next phase of our life!"

Allan & Sarah Rice
Rockingham, WA
January 2013

"We spent two wonderful weeks with the �Global Gypsies Group� on the Rudall River trip. There was a lot of cohesion between all the members of the group and the atmosphere was splendid. We loved it very much. The trip and the people are engraved into our memory for the rest of our days. Jeremy, thank you for escorting the group in a very professional way and for all the technical support. You did a hell of a job! Jan and Di, thanks for helping with all our questions & our thanks to Rebina for all that good food!"

Henri & Jozef
Hove, Belgium
August 2012

"Thank you for a wonderful top end experience on the Kakadu Caravan & Motorhome Safari. We thoroughly enjoyed every aspect of those two weeks. Your team did a great job and your passion was noticed and appreciated. Well done!"

Ron & Tanya
Seattle, Washington, USA
August 2012

"Jeremy, your tour was very professional, it was well structured and organised. It allowed the experienced, the novice and the solo traveller to enjoy the outback safely and with companionship and support. A great camaraderie developed within the group. Rebina's cooking was exquisite and I found it amazing how she could produce such tasty meals from a camp fire. Thanks again Jeremy & Rebina for a great trip."

Sally Ramsey
Kimberley Explorer
April 2012

"Another fantastic trip. Jeremy and Rebina, as usual provided great leadership and catering. A great bunch of people who travelled with us made it a memorable experience."

Colin Willis
Kimberley Explorer
April 2012

"Thank you, Jeremy, on behalf of the Navy Officers from the USS CARL VINSON (CVN 70) - you guided us on a wine tour of the Swan River area. It was an awesome experience; the wine tour was spectacular & everyone had an amazing time which was evident by the number of wines we tasted! You made our Swan River tour and our time in Perth a very memorable one. Thanks for the awesome hospitability and most importantly, thanks for taking care of the U.S. Navy / USS CARL VINSON as the great folks from Australia always do."

April 2012

"We are rank amateurs when it comes to caravanning and towing but recently went on our maiden caravan trip which we really enjoyed. Your training DVD was probably the first part of our learning experience and we found it to be very useful and comprehensive. We'll watch it again to reinforce our knowledge prior to our second trip later this year. Thank you!"

Ron and Anne Sachs
Highton, Victoria
April 2012

"Our towing course today was outstanding and Jeremy was so patient and understanding. We would never have guessed that within a few hours, we could reverse a caravan! Thank you so much!"

Kerry & Bruce Brierley
Erskine, Western Australia
December 2011

"Just wanted to send a quick "thank you" to you both for making our caravan training weekend such a fun and informative one! Both Sandy and I were impressed by your levels of organisation and professionalism. Not only that, you are both genuinely kind and thoughtful people as evidenced by the lovely anniversary card you brought for us. We were both blown away by your thoughtfulness and Sandy couldnt stop talking about it all weekend!

We learnt a lot on the course and enjoyed sitting and having a chat with Jeremy and the others on Saturday night. We had a great time, learnt a lot and had such a positive experience that I think we will be meeting up again - possibly on one of your tours!

Anyway, thanks again and keep up the great work!"

Brad Regts
Perth, Western Australia
November 2011

"Thanks so much for our caravanning course! We had a great time, learned heaps and managed to get the van in our tricky back lane-way on the first attempt!"

Paddi and Dennis Brown
Perth, Western Australia
November 2011

"My son Bradley and I would like to thank you for the wonderful 4WD training experience the other day. Please let us know if there is an advanced course in the near future!"

Fred and Bradley White
Team Mercedes
Perth, Western Australia
November 2011

"Just wanted to say a huge THANK YOU for the awesome 4WD training day you guys ran on Saturday. My 20-year old son Tyson had a ball - he had so many positive things to say about the day, from safety tips he learnt, to the increase in confidence in what he is doing, to the friendly people who he shared the day with. He had the best time!!! As his Mum, I would just like to tell you of my appreciation in equipping him a little more in the ins and outs of 4wdriving. I will certainly rest a little easier when he is heading out on his day trips. Thank you for your time and effort!"

Cindy Greenwood
Perth, Western Australia
November 2011

"What an incredible experience!!! My safari to Kenya with you was everything I had hoped for ... and much more. The only complaint I have is that it went all too quickly. Each day was a new adventure, something new and exciting would unexpectedly cross our paths. We even got to see all of the big five (elephant, leopard, lion, buffalo and hippo) within the first 48 hours.

The scenery was spectacular, from the majestic, sun-scorched highlands of Kenya's Northern Frontier to the lush, superabundant plains of the Masai Mara. The rivers and lakes were also rich with wildlife - hippos, crocodile, large vultures lining the banks waiting for the carcuses of the unfortunate wildebeest and zebra that hadn't been successful in their desperate river crossing to pass by.

We couldn't have asked for more perfect weather, a very comfortable 22-25 degrees with just a little rainfall here and there, which was great, specially during the night, as it would bring out even more animals to drink at the small rain puddles along the road side left by the evening rain.

We had a terrific group of 18 and we were all accommodated, very comfortably, in three safari vehicles, just six in each, which enabled plenty of room for us to stand and view the animals through our raised roof. Our local drivers were wonderful too, full of information from the smallest species of bird and reptile to the individual characteristics and antics of all the big game animals.

Loved our accommodation in the various locations and we were spoiled with a limitless amount of fresh, local produce. Our hot air ballooning over the Masai Mara was a dream of a lifetime also. It was perfect at this time of year as every July (and sometimes, August) the wildebeest travel over 960km from Tanzania's Serengeti plains northwards and cross the Mara River into the Masai Mara to feast on the grass. In October or November, once they have feasted and the grass has all but gone, they turn around and go back the other way. This journey is the biggest land mammal migration on our planet - just ask David Attenborough!

There were so many wildebeest (and zebra) that what looked like in the distance, a hill covered in black rocks, were actually wildebeest feasting - up to two million of them. It was truly amazing! Thank you Global Gypsies!

Judi Weber
August 2011

"I recently attended your 4WD course. As a retired training manager with Wesfarmers I was really impressed with your trainer, Richard Nicholls, approach on the day; he ticks all the boxes for technique, knowledge & delivery. Having owned a Subaru Brumby for 19 years & driven only on the beach at Esperance my skills could be rated approx zero & I was quite apprehensive on the day. Any fears were allayed with his patient & calm attitude so that I achieved my main goal; to gain confidence in getting the best out of my 4WD. Thank you! It was a very rewarding experience."

Alan Jones
Nannup, Western Australia
June 2011

"Thank you for a very informative day of towing training - we both learned lot from it. Keep up the great work!"

Alan & Pam Deverell
Perth, Western Australia
March 2011

"We enjoyed the Holland Track Expedition so much! We are still talking about it and reliving each day's experiences. So many funny incidents and the fires every evening and delicious food, it was a great experience. Thank you, Global Gypsies!"

Winston & Libby Sparrow
Warwick, Western Australia
October 2010

"We had a really great time on the Canning Stock Route Expedition and we are so happy we did the tour with Charlie Gilbert. He is a great bloke and an excellent tour leader. The tour was well planned and when there were some unforeseen circumstances his leadership qualities helped us to adapt to them. His knowledge of the Canning allowed us to have an experience that we would not have been able to have alone. We had perfect camping spots every night and an interesting and informative itinerary every day. We would recommend Global Gypsies to anyone who wishes to have a wonderful adventure in the outback!"

Jim & Vicki King
Noranda, Western Australia
July 2010

"Everyone arrived back very happy from our Corporate 4WD Basic & Advanced Training Course and could not speak highly enough about Jeremy�s professionalism and the course itself. Even those who were reasonably experienced said just how much they had taken away from the two days spent with Global Gypsies. Thanks heaps for a great job! "

Sue Mason
Newmont Mining Corporation
February 2010

"The 4WD training courses which you organised for us in WA, Victoria & Queensland were brilliant. Typically our guys were saying "best course we ever did". I was very impressed with the trainers - professional, knowledgeable, safety conscious and totally thorough and they provided valuable feedback on our equipment and vehicles. Your quote wasn't the cheapest but I went with you guys in response to your excellent course information, national footprint and the information pack you sent me after my initial enquiry - it was the proof and assurance I needed to help make my decision. It's been a pleasure working with you!"

Ian Uldrich
Training Co-ordinator, Southern Region
February 2010

"We were both really pleased with the level of professionalism and helpfulness of everyone at Global Gypsies throughout the whole process, from booking to the actual 4WD course. We had great fun and the instructor showed us everything we expected. Thanks heaps!"

Sherri and Dan
Perth WA
February 2010

"A very big THANK YOU for the great course...we learned so much from it and you really are an excellent teacher, both thorough and very patient...well appreciated by both of us."

Ashi and Mike Edwards
November 2009

"Thank you for a wonderful trip on the Holland Track. There was nothing more we could have asked for. It was well organised, brilliantly catered, informative, fun & there was a wonderful camaraderie amongst the crew. You kept us safe from harm & the tour rekindled my interest in 4WD'ing. You have our highest recommendation!"

Albert Tan
Duncraig, WA
October 2009

"We just wanted to let you know that we really enjoyed our Kimberley adventure. Terry & Rebina's knowledge of the area was brilliant and we learned so much about 4WD, cooking, setting up camp, etc — they kept us on track and on schedule! The whole trip was so well organised — we always timed our arrival at locations ahead or behind the "mob", which made us feel quite special to be able to enjoy the areas with just our own friendly, caring group. Rebina's camp-oven cooking skills are amazing — we loved her food and there was always plenty to keep us well nourished. Thank you Global Gypsies for your great organisation — the Kimberleys are truly a magnificent area of Australia."

Stan & Helen Howells
Western Australia
August 2009

"The 4WD training day was excellent. I learned a lot about the practical aspects of 4WD and it was Fun! Many thanks!"

Geoff McCann
Perth WA
May 2009

"Thanks for the Tour Guide Training Course — it was great fun and refreshed many things for me. Great to hear things from a different perspective, too. Thanks also for running the course from an industry perspective — it is of great benefit to those trying to get a foot in the door."

Steve Sertis
Bibbulmun Track Foundation
May 2009

"Thank you so much for a tremendous weekend. I enjoyed every minute of it and will be grateful always for the opportunity to learn so much. All the best for the great work that you do for our country. You bring a lot of good feeling to people."

Gerri Boylan
Tour Guide Training Course
May 2009

"How do we say 'thank you' for such a wonderful time? I cannot believe that we're now on the other side of the world having spent such fun time with you on our fabulous 4WD/astronomy/camping weekend. Your hospitality was amazing and it was wonderful to see you at work! You've converted us to 'comfortable camping' and more importantly we've seen how professional you both are and how easy you make it look! The way Jeremy trained us in erecting the tent and other aspects of how us city-dwellers had to learn the ropes was so gentle and patient — thank you!"

Stephanie & Paul Allen
Norwich, UK
April 2009

"Since doing your two day Tour Guiding course last year I did end up doing work in this field. Thanks to the things that I learned on the course it made it easier to get into it and to work. Remembering some of the points you taught us during the course came into use when a problem came into place or just simply making things better for the passengers. Stay well and hope that your business keeps on growing and getting better."

Ron Stroet
Perth, WA
April 2009

"We recently acquired a new Land Cruiser designed to give us the capability to realise our dream — to undertake 4WD trips around Australia; some in convoy, but some as a couple. We had a reasonable amount of 4WD experience, but mainly in the sand and were keen to extend our knowledge.
The Global Gypsies 4WD Training Course took our knowledge of the vehicle, ourselves and the many elements of 4 Wheel Driving to a new level. The course was testing, wide in coverage and the emphasis on safety and respecting the environment, whilst still exploring wonderful parts of the local bush, made the experience enjoyable and enlightening.
We are now ready to embark on our next adventure! Thank you, Global Gypsies! "

Tim & libby Hantke
Claremont, WA
March 2009

"Just wanted to express our appreciation for a fabulously informative day yesterday … we found your methods thorough, insightful, clear, concise & professional imparted in a casual relaxed manner which maintained our attention throughout & enabled a focused relaxed ease … the 'real life' bogs which occurred allowed us hands-on experience of recovery techniques & processes & enhanced our awareness of our vehicles' abilities … we now feel armed with the foresight necessary to avoid & recognise potentially dangerous or debilitating circumstances. The documentation you supplied will also prove invaluable & a genuinely helpful resource. Overall our entire experience with you both has been a pleasure … thanks Jan for your patience & co-operative support throughout. We sincerely look forward to further contact with you & wish you both abundant joy."

Lyndl & Jeff
Perth, WA
March 2009

"Last year you sent me a caravan training DVD on how to prepare the gear and how to get out of a fix when or if it was needed. Since that time I have travelled quite a few kilometres into the bush mainly for gemstone hunting and gold detecting without mishap thanks to the info you gave me!"

Dennis Nott.
Somewhere in the Outback Australia(!)
March, 2009

"Thank you again for your generosity in sharing your knowledge and time. You are an excellent communicator making it so much easier for us novices to comprehend.
We shall certainly recommend your training services to anyone we feel could benefit from them. The course has made us even more impatient to get started as we now feel so much more confident."

Marilyn & Mike Davies
February, 2009

"We'd like to say how much we enjoyed the Holland Track Expedition! As always your professional approach adds to the value of our experiences with you and your staff, from the Pre-Departure Workshop to the last farewell. The mix of company is what we always find interesting and complements the outdoor experience. As for the catering, well what can we say? That speaks for itself! Thanks again Global Gypsies! "

Fran & David Cornell
Cottesloe, WA
October 2008

"We've just returned from the Kennedy Ranges with Global Gypsies. The whole trip was great - the people, the places, the gorges, the rivers and springs, the ranges, the plains, the red clay pans, the National Parks, the waterfalls, the huge tides of the Kimberley etc etc!! Thank you, Gypsies!"

Judy & John Hunter
Mt Kuring-gai NSW
October 2008

"What a wonderful time we had on the Kennedy Range Discovery Tour! Jeremy as always (this is our third trip with you!) is always so patient and helpful. It was great doing this trip as a first timer, as we 'felt' our way. I thoroughly recommend this tour to anyone who enjoys camping and four wheel driving. We met some wonderful people and will definitely keep in touch with a couple of them. It is always sad to break camp, but we have very fond memories, and of course, our photos. Rebina thank you for the wonderful catering. It just amazes me how you provide food for 20 people without the facilities to stock up along the way!"

Brian & Angie Brocklehurst
Upper Swan, WA
July 2008

"I would like to thank you for the 4WD course you ran on 23/2/08. We were very impressed with the course and would not hesitate in recommending Global Gypsies to anyone. I was also very impressed when I made my initial enquiries … your office was very informative and helpful, which is more than I can say for the other 4WD training centres I contacted. I'm very glad we chose to do the course with Global Gypsies."

Aurelio Martelli
Perth, Western Australia
February 2008

"We thoroughly enjoyed China. It was a real eye-opener. Our small touring group under the watchful eye of Jan and Jeremy were let into some of China's amazing "Secrets". We were always safe, extremely well-fed and thoroughly entertained. Side by side with the China of the Han, Tang and Ming Emperors, we saw the China of the 21st century industrial moguls. We also enjoyed some fine examples of traditional Chinese music, dance and artistry. The company was great and the experience unforgettable. We cannot recommend this tour highly enough!"

Graham & Noelene Cooney
Perth, Western Australia
November 2007

"Thank you once again for a fabulous time on the Holland Track Expedition. The wildflowers were great and your timing perfect … as always! Safari Hostess Rebina was just fabulous and we have never eaten so much! I would like to thank you and our wonderful fellow travellers for their consideration, mirth and warmth. The group was a delight!"

Jane Fenwick
Perth, WA
November 2007

"The 4WD Training Course we completed on Sunday was really good. Ken made it very informative and very enjoyable at the same time. He kept it at a level that we needed; did not baffle us with jargon; gave everybody the same amount of time and encouragement and overall made it a very enjoyable experience. Both Lynne and I came away from the day with confidence in both ourselves and our vehicle whilst at the same time having a healthy respect for the environment and its challenges. Thank you!"

Alan & Lynne Kirby
Perth, WA
October 2007

"Jeremy, your style of Leadership was always gentle and your patience bottomless. Your generosity of spirit was a wonderful light on a flooded riverbank and your ability to give us all enough freedom to not dampen our adventurous spirit was an inspiration. True leaders are not made, they are born and you have a very special gift. I mentioned to an old friend that I would follow you anywhere, have implicit trust in your judgment and will be praising Global Gypsies for their professionalism and expertise. You provided a particularly full program for us especially keeping the expectation and exhilaration happening till the very last moment. All I can see for your future is the same people following you wherever you go and new ones will have to book years ahead as the service your company provides is something you don't find very often."

Sandra Maynard
Rivervale, WA
Rudall River Expedition — July 2007

"Your Rudall River Expedition was just what we were looking for — real Australian nature. The itinerary was perfect, it was easy going, no rush, and this we appreciated very much. Furthermore we have been a good bunch of people together and we enjoyed the company with the Aussies and everybody was very helpful. Not to forget the tasty and healthy food we could enjoy on the whole tour. Thank you to Jeremy & to Rebina. It was great! We will certainly recommend the Gypsies whenever there is an opportunity."

Remy & Elvira Schatz

"I could not speak more highly of Global Gypsies and the caravan & towing training course was exceptionally well presented and professional. I know that I will need a lot more practice before I am competent at backing the van. However, now I feel so much better for having done the course and being given the confidence to have a go. I think that every couple should seriously consider doing this course. You never know when you may need to use the skills which you could learn on this very worth while weekend and have fun while you are learning!"

Jan and Les McPheat

"After attending your caravan training weekend, I arrived home safely around 6.30 and REVERSED INTO MY GARAGE ON THE FIRST GO! Did I mention I live on the side of a hill! It was all that good coaching! Thank You !"

Bunbury, WA

"We have loved and appreciated so much and so many cultures in three weeks and the game parks were brilliant. Jan & Jeremy give people the opportunity to make their dreams come true."

Bob Dominy & Wendy Greenway
Back to Kenya Safari.

"Thank you for an amazing 12 days in Rudall River National Park which we could never have experienced any other way. You have a great business and we hope to be with you again in future years, probably abroad. Jeremy instills such confidence and was the eternal diplomat with the bunch of kids that we all were — we've never had so many laughs to the minute!"

Garth and Caroline Scotford
Brigadoon, WA.

"We joined the first Global Gypsies Caravan Confidence Convoy in February 2005 and what a happy experience it turned out to be! After just the first day we agreed our money had been well spent and by the time we returned after the five days we spent together, we were astonished and delightfully pleased with our dramatically increased level of competency. The difference in confidence between when we left home and when we returned was extraordinary — the critical test being the reversing of the caravan into a rather tight spot next to our garage. We did this coolly, calmly and with complete control! Our fellow-gypsies on this tour, all newbies as we were, grew as we did, which added to our enjoyment.

We found Global Gypsies to be reliable and excellent in every way, and the total support we were given and the expert supervision was invaluable to us. We would like to thank Jeremy Perks, in particular, for his leadership of the group and Jan Barrie, his partner and assistant, for the organisation of the various speakers/events involved with our learning experience."

Christine T. & Audrey M.
Dudley Park, WA.

"Our safari through the Kimberley with Global Gypsies in 2004 was a 'top' trip. This was in all ways — planning, guiding, caring and helping, and the wonderful food provided by our Safari Hostess, Rebina. A happy atmosphere pervaded our time together, which emanated from our leader, Jeremy. We all made our farewells, sadly, and there was no doubt that many of us were thinking of the next time !!"

Chris & Erica Thomas
Lindfield, New South Wales

"Thank you for a wondeful weekend, I have great memories of good fun, good food and good company. The night on Lake Ballard on the "Art in the Desert Safari" was really something — the moon rising, the sun setting, sipping champagne — MAGIC!"

Joy Tomcala
Dunsborough, WA

"Thankyou for the wonderful experience of a weekend safari with Global Gypsies. Being on my own, it was good to feel part of a great group who were so friendly and helpful. I also realised how little I knew about four-wheel driving- so thanks to Jeremy for his patience. All well organised, comfortable with never a dull moment. Any complaints? Well, perhaps only that the food was too good to stop at one serving. I'm already planning my next safari with you."

Sarah Cole
Fremantle, WA

"We have returned home safe and sound after 11 months of caravanning in some of the most beautiful spots of Australia. We have had a wonderful time, meeting some lovely like-minded people and have become experts now on everything to do with caravan life! The number of people that have held us in awe at two ladies doing hitching and unhitching, reversing into tight spots, etc. have given some ladies some hope that they too might be able to do more for their husbands than just stand and give directions!! Thank you for giving us the courage to do this trip, as we believe our experience came from that wonderful weekend we spent with Global Gypsies doing the caravan confidence course nearly two years ago now! Many thanks!

Fay Truscott February, 2007


"Explore Australia & Beyond!! Global Gypsies has released its 2010 calendar of WA & International tours.... The company also runs 4WD, towing & tour guide training courses."

West Australian Newspaper
Travel Section
31 October, 2009

"I had never been off-roading previously. Darren (the instructor) was always on hand to help out and offer advice..he demonstrated various 4WD techniques such as tackling inclines, declines and generally how not to put big dings and dents on the side of our cars. Everyone was delighted with the course and all agreed that it was both informative and value for money."

Andy Archibald
Whingeing Pom Magazine
May 2009

".It's important for drivers to know the capabilities of their four wheel drives before going bush. If you plan to head off-road, a 4WD training course could be a sound investment. Global Gypsies offers 4WD, caravan and towing, first aid and tour guide training. We used our new-found skills to get ourselves out of a pickle that previously would have amounted to sweating, shoveling and probable failure. But behind the fun had by all, there's a serious message about knowing what a vehicle can handle and how to get out of bother."

Niall McIlroy
Travel Writer
West Australian Newspaper
April 2009

"One of the biggest convoys of hire vehicles ever assembled in the Kimberley explored the region recently. Global Gypsies Tour Guide Jeremy Perks led 24 Dutch clients in 11 four-wheel-drives over 5500 kms in 27 days. The company provided 4WD training and tour escorts. It also prepared and served more than 2000 meals in the bush, some accompanied by white linen and candles"

West Australian.
July 2008

"Jeremy Perks is a kind of outback gypsy … he is a marvellous guide to the human and natural history of the Holland Track."

Outback Magazine

"Jeremy Perks, known as the global gypsy, is the only operator currently guiding tag-along groups into Rudall River National Park. Jeremy is one of the outback's great characters — behind his gentle demeanour is a former South African elite force high-altitude parachute soldier. He learnt his bushcraft the tough way, operating secretly behind lines, living off the land. He's a trained mechanic, knowledgeable guide, knows the Rudall intimately and treads lightly on the land."

Outback Magazine

"On the fully-catered tours, clients are pampered with gourmet meals served under the stars on candle-lit tables with china and white linen."

Traveltrade Magazine

"I've been on some great trips, but every now and then one comes along that you'd almost kill for."

Peter Thoeming, "Overlander" Magazine

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