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Adventure Update

June 2019

* Save 10% on Holi Festival India Tour * Aloha & White Christmas * Silk Road Part 2 *
* Free Stuff * Wild Side of Japan * REDARC Sponsorship * Tanzania Beckons *
* C+C Show Report * Dirk Hartog Science Safari 2019 *
* Vintage Film Gets a Facelift * Heritage & Homesteads Tour * Russian Revolution *
* CSR 2020 & Canning Restoration Tour * Become our New Towing Instructor & more!


We all love a bargain & have we got a beauty for you! We are so keen to visit India next year during the magical Holi Festival that we’re offering 10% off our new shortened itinerary! Gypsy clients told us our original tour was too long & too costly so we’ve not only shortened the itinerary by a week but when we calculated the new price, we chopped 10% off it!

tour photos

We don’t normally offer discounts, but we’ve put so much work into the program & enjoy the destination so much that - like a good yogi - we’re bending over backwards to get you to join us on this wonderful, exotic, vibrant & colourful experience!

On our revised “Holi Festival & Tiger Tour”, you’ll enjoy all the best destinations - spectacular Rajasthan, Agra, the Taj Mahal, Jaipur & Varanasi; celebrate the amazing annual Holi Festival at full moon in a remote desert village; search for tigers & other wildlife in world famous Ranthambhore National Park; help care for retired working elephants in a special sanctuary & more. By focusing all of our attention on one region, we’ve dramatically reduced the duration & the cost of the tour, which means you save time AND money!

tour photos tour photos

The adventure will be personally escorted by Jeremy & Jan assisted by professional local English-speaking guides from our Delhi-based partners, Kipling Travel. New travel dates are February 22 – March 12, 2020 & bookings are now open. Don’t miss out on this once only fantastic offer!! For details & to download a tour flyer visit: Namaste!

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On a personal note, we recently had a fabulous holiday in Hawaii with dear friends Lindsey & Ken who travelled there from Virginia. On the island of Oahu we visited Pearl Harbour & Waikiki (Gold Coast on steroids!) then spent a week on Maui, known as ‘the rainbow island’ which is much more relaxed & laid back, less crowded, has absolutely stunning scenery & which for centuries was the heart of island culture.

tour photos

We learned some amazing things about Hawaii’s history (such as the fact that the original inhabitants came there by canoe from Bora Bora) & did all the touristy things including sunset cruises; whale & turtle watching; snorkeling; a luau complete with hula dancing, fire-twirling, leis & roast pig; sampled the local delicacy ‘poi’ (blaagchh!); & downed an impressive number of piña coladas!!

It’s an expensive but superb destination - one we’d never visited before & would love to go back to. We have to say though, it’s pretty hard to top our beautiful Aussie beaches - and they’re right here on our doorstep!

Our next personal holiday will be the complete opposite of that tropical trip – Christmas spent in the UK! We’ll be visiting family we rarely see in London, Colchester & Norwich & going to the Essex coast to scatter precious ashes. We’ll also be spending a week in the Lakes District which will be absolutely freezing that time of year - but will hopefully be ‘white’! Pack the thermal underwear, Bazza! But we figure it’ll be good training for our Northern Lights Tour in Norway the following year!

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Hooray! We’re finally going to complete the second half of our Silk Road Safari in May 2021!

We had hoped to offer Part Two a couple of years back but international events got in the way so we put the tour on hold. But now is the perfect time to kick start the planning for our exotic Silk Road odyssey & we hope you’ll join us for a truly awesome experience.

tour photos tour photos

We’ll meet up in Van in eastern Turkey then for the next 15 days we’ll travel westward following the route of the Great Silk Road. We’ll explore the ancient towns of Cappadoccia, Urfa, Nemrut, Mt Ararat, Ankara, Istanbul (formerly Constantinople) & more soaking up the history & the atmosphere & enjoying heaps of wonderful & enlightening educational, cultural & fun experiences. There will also be an optional side tour to Canakkale & Anzac Cove, plus you’re just a hop, skip & a jump from the Greek Isles – it’s definitely worth visiting some of them while you’re there!

Silk Road Safari Part Two” will be personally escorted by Jeremy & Jan & as with all our overseas adventures, it will include transport, accommodation, most meals & local English-speaking guides. We’re just putting the final touches on the itinerary now but if you’d like to join us, get your name down early as numbers will be strictly limited!

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We get so many people offering us useful free touring stuff that we feel like a mini-Gumtree! If you’d like to snap up any of the following pre-loved goodies absolutely FREE, please contact us ASAP & we’ll put you in touch with the owners!

  • 1 x Toyota 5-stud 17 inch rim with 285 x 65R 17 116H Dunlop AT22 Grandtrek tyre
  • 2 x Gascoyne Murchison - quality colour information & guide books
  • 1 x “Matching Wine with Food” book (published by Le Cordon Bleu) – never used gift
  • 1 x 17 inch steel rim with 6 wheel studs – will fit Prado, Hilux, Mitsubishi, Ford Ranger etc. Existing tyre = 265/65R17 (112S) on the rim has only about 5,000 km tread left but as a second spare it will get you to the next town/repair shop (or just put a new tyre on the rim!)

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tour photos

We’re planning another exciting tour to Japan in May 2020 - this time to discover its wild side! In addition to visiting the iconic cities of the south, on this unique eco-adventure we’ll also be experiencing the exquisite natural attractions of the north – the magical scenery, colourful floral displays & incredible wildlife!

Who knew there were bears, deer, foxes, orcas, dolphin & wonderful birdlife in Japan tucked away in one of the best game-viewing hotspots in the world? Well, now we do & so do you & we can’t wait to see it all!

tour photos tour photos

Working with a highly reputable Japanese company we’ve created a unique itinerary at a very reasonable price - most Gypsies won’t even need special visas or inoculations, just pack your bags, book your flights & join us!

On our Wild Side of Japan” tour, you’ll enjoy quality accommodation (including one night in a traditional ‘ryokan’); delicious meals; internal transport (including a bullet train); & such cultural, educational & fun activities as a traditional tea ceremony, lunch with an apprentice Geisha, sumo wrestling demo & traditional steamy Japanese baths. PLUS visits to placid lakes, lovely parks & soaring Mt Fuji; cruises in search of bears & whales; visits to dozens of spectacular scenic attractions & more.

tour photos

And on this unusual tour led by Jeremy & Jan & local English-speaking guides, we’ll also witness the lead-up to the 2020 Tokyo Olympics & possibly utilise the new direct Perth/Tokyo direct flights.

As usual this will be a small group tour with strictly limited numbers, so get in quick – chop chop!! For more info & to download a flyer see

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In just two months we’ll be heading off to Tanzania during the famous wildlife ‘migration’ with a great group of gypsies! Woohoo!

And while we’re away doing that, our Tashkent-based partners at Miramax Travel will be looking after other lucky gypsy clients who will be exploring the Great Silk Road from Xian in China, through to Kyrgyzstan & Uzbekistan! There are just too many wonderful places in the world to see & too little time! But like you, we’re giving it our best shot!

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We’ve been saying for some time that the caravanning lifestyle is positively exploding in Australia. Well, proof of that is the ever-increasing numbers turning up at the Caravan & Camping Shows taking place right round the country. Here in Perth there were record attendances again at this year’s Show – more than 47,000 people came through the gates! On our gypsy stand where we were running free towing & reversing demonstrations, every session was chockers! We have subsequently run dozens of private towing training courses for newbie caravanners - here’s a photo of Jeremy going through the basics with a conscientious student!

tour photos

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Hear ye, hear ye! We’ve set the dates for CSR 2020! It’s happening from July 1 – 22, 2020, & bookings are now open! This year’s tour was booked out months in advance so put your foot on the pedal now! And to make things even more challenging, Jeremy is leading not one but TWO Canning Stock Route Expeditions this year! The first 22-day adventure will be from Wiluna to Halls Creek, then he’ll turn around & come back the other way with another group of gypsies!

The second trip will be a bit different though – it’s a restoration tour organized in conjunction with the wonderful folks at Trackcare who have ‘adopted’ the CSR. They’ll be supervising & assisting our group of ‘voluntourists’ to build a much needed self-composting ‘dunny’ & a campground at Well 46 - a really worthwhile project. And speaking of worthwhile projects here’s another one you might like to get involved with!

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For the past seven years, we’ve been proud to be the only tour operator working with scientists from the Department of Biodiversity, Conservation & Attractions on joint ‘voluntour’ Science Safaris. Thanks to the support, hard work & generosity of our gypsy clients, we have worked on numerous WA wildlife conservation & rehabilitation projects & donated thousands of dollars to ongoing R&D programs. Plus we’ve had the pleasure of getting up close & personal with our furry, feathered & scaly animal friends!

tour photos tour photos

In a project known as “Return to 1616”, over the past decade DBCA has eradicated feral goats & cats on the island, then relocated, nurtured & monitored hundreds of happy little native animals who are now thriving in their safe surrounds. We’ll soon be going on our next Science Safari to remote Dirk Hartog Island to assist with the “Return to 1616” project & we hope you’ll join us!

On this unusual, ‘do-good-feel-good’ escorted & catered self-drive adventure, we’ll be helping the scientists to set traps; capture, identify, ‘process’ & release various ‘critters’; record important data & perform radio-tracking & monitoring activities. We’ll also have a lot of fun, enjoy delicious meals & visit the island’s many scenic attractions.

tour photos

The escorted & catered DHI Science Safari will take place from October 21 – November 1, 2019, & bookings are now open. Places are strictly limited so make like a joey & jump in quick! Fur de-TAILS (groan!) check out the website at

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Our popular towing training film, Caravanning with Confidence, which now almost qualifies as a vintage classic, has just had a bit of a facelift (unfortunately the presenters haven’t!).

Even though our movie is getting on in years, it’s still selling like hotcakes, probably because the basic principles of safe & correct towing haven’t changed much & also because there’s still nothing else out there quite like it that’s been designed & developed by professional trainers & film-makers.

The only thing that’s proving challenging with the ‘facelift’ is changing technology - the days of the DVD are numbered! To prove we aren’t Luddites, we’re busy getting the content copied onto USB sticks but it hasn’t proved that easy to do – even the modern editing machines are rebelling! However, we hope to have the first batch ready in July so get your popcorn & slippers ready. And for you all you techno-junkies out there, sorry, but live-streaming isn’t possible for this aging Oscar-winning production! :)

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We’re thrilled to welcome REDARC to the gypsy family as a new sponsor! REDARC is Australia’s leading provider of a wide range of auto-electrical components - their products are attached to any moving vehicle that uses battery power including cars, boats, trains, trucks, mining equipment, buses & emergency vehicles.

tour photos

The company specialises in the research, design, development & manufacture of a range of electronic voltage converters & associated products including inverters, power supplies, DC/DC battery chargers, battery management systems, electric brake controllers, 52mm gauges, customised electronic modules & more. Check out their product catalogue at

We’ve recently fitted two REDARC products – an in-vehicle DC battery charger designed to charge the auxiliary battery to 100% capacity & a Tow Pro electric brake controller which we use for our catering trailer or when we tow a caravan on our ‘softer’ adventures. Jeremy says he’s extremely happy with both of these accessories & highly recommends them.

As the company celebrates its 40th anniversary this year, we’d like to say thank you REDARC, Happy Birthday & more power to you!

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June is “Milky Way Season” & one of the best times to view nature’s sparkling gift to us with binoculars or even the naked eye. And while you’re admiring it, check out some Aboriginal astronomy as well!

tour photos

Aboriginal people were the world’s first astronomers but interestingly, they look at the dark patches BETWEEN the stars rather than at the stars themselves. For example, to find ‘The Emu in the Sky’, first locate the Southern Cross. On its left-hand side, try to find a dark oval shape. This is the head & beak of the emu; the long neck stretches out behind it bisecting the Southern Cross ‘pointer’ stars. Below the emu’s neck, the body & legs extend halfway across the horizon. Depending on the time of year, the ‘emu’ appears to stand or sit which is said to indicate to experienced stargazers the appropriate time to collect emu eggs. Twinkle on wondrous stars!

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To our delight, we’ve had a very positive response to our inaugural “Heritage & Homesteads Tour” – a joint venture with our friends at George Day Caravans.

This fun, educational & relatively short outback experience will meander convoy-style through WA’s Midwest & Goldfields for eleven terrific days as we enjoy the sights, learn about the history & have a great time with a small group of like-minded travellers. This self-drive & self-catered ‘soft-adventure’ is ideal for those with 4WD’s, tents, camper-trailers and/or robust off-road caravans.

tour photos

Starting in Merredin & finishing at Melangata Station near Yalgoo, from June 8 – 18 we’ll be visiting historical points of interest, traditional heritage-style homesteads & several scenic spots that will be new to us – incuding the Helena Aurora Range! We’ll share an indigenous cultural experience with our friend Mick Hayden from Njaki Njaki Aboriginal Tours; admire Antony Gormley’s haunting sculptures in Lake Ballard; visit Hoover House & Museum; relax at Niagara Dam, visit quaint country towns & lots more. There’s still time to jump on board if you’d like to join us with room for just one more vehicle/van/motorhome!

The tour came about because loyal clients Gerhardt & Aileen Strumpher, Bill & Mas O’Neil & Ross McGillivray kept raving about the area. They even gave us detailed maps, notes & recommendations of ‘must-see stops’! When you’re under that kind of pressure how can you possibly say no?

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We read an article recently that said 40% of Aussies have never been abroad – surprising really as we’re known as such great & frequent travellers (although you could turn the stats on their head & say well, the 60% who DO travel is a pretty strong showing!).

It went on to say that there are many reasons people don't travel - lack of interest, financial limitations, fear of the unknown, being out of their comfort zone, health concerns, responsibilities at home, fear of flying & more – but how about just because they love holidaying in Australia? That wasn’t even mentioned & for many of our clients that’s a huge contributing factor when making travel choices!

Just for your interest, people in their 20’s were found to be most likely to hold a passport & the most popular overseas destinations were New Zealand, Indonesia & the USA. Residents of NSW represented the biggest proportion of international travellers & Tasmanians the lowest – but hey! They’re already overseas so that shouldn’t count!

For some non-travellers, globe-trotting just isn’t something they want to do. Perhaps they aren’t as curious about other cultures or places as other folks, or maybe they believe “there’s no place like home” - & there’s certainly a lot of truth in that!

But there’s no right or wrong answer – we love domestic AND international travel & are fortunate because we get to do both.

People often ask us “What’s your favourite place?”. It’s an impossible question to answer because we have so many! To paraphrase a famous poet, “How do I love thee, travel? Let me count the ways!”

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As Clint Eastwood’s character, Dirty Harry, once said, “A man’s gotta know his limitations!”

Well, we’ve discovered ours! We had no sooner floated the idea of organizing a tour to Russia than Vlad &The Donald started playing silly buggers & getting all chesty. With bad vibes & testosterone building in that part of that world, we thought maybe it wasn’t the best time to be trying to sell Red Square & borscht to our valued clients – much better to choose a happier, more welcoming & less tense destination. So for the sake of safety, security & peace, we’re putting our Russian trip on the back burner for awhile. Syria anyone?

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We have a terrific team of towing instructors in Jeremy, Eddy, Ken & Andy, but our one-on-one, private half-day courses are proving so popular that we need another talented Towing Trainer! Could it be you or perhaps someone you know?

Our courses are personalized – no big groups - & are usually held at or near the client’s home in or near Perth CBD. Days & times are flexible so you can work when it suits you. And, of course, we’ll give you full training in our special towing & reversing techniques. So if you’re an experienced caravanner, have done some teaching or lecturing of any kind, would like to earn some extra money, enjoy flexible working hours, own your own vehicle & would like to join our gypsy family on a part-time, casual basis teaching novice caravanners how to tow & reverse safely, correctly & confidently, we’d love to hear from you! Just give us a call or send us an email!

tour photos

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Until next time, happy travels from –

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